Costco announces limits on meat purchases as mask requirement begins

SEATTLE (KCPQ) — Grocery and goods giant Costco will limit the amount of fresh beef, pork and chicken products customers can buy.

The move was announced Monday as part of the companies changes during a COVID-19 response.

Customers will be “temporarily” limited to three items “per member” of fresh beef, pork or chicken, the company said. It is not known how long the restriction will stand.

All Costco members and guests are required to wear face masks starting Monday. The requirement is not in place for children under 2 and those who can’t wear masks.

Costco announced on April 1 that it would limit the number of people allowed inside its warehouses at one time, allotting each membership card two slots while also setting hours aside specifically for customers over 60 years old.

It is also limiting returns on items like toilet paper, bottled water and rice.