‘Could save a life:’ Kadlec, Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission host water bottle drive during heatwave

PASCO, Wash. — It’s the price of your daily Starbucks run and it could potentially help save somebody’s life.

Staying hydrated is an essential part of surviving the extreme heatwave that is currently engulfing parts of eastern Washington.

That’s why Kadlec Regional Medical Center and the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission (TCUGM) are joining forces by hosting a water bottle drive for community members in need.

“Water costs about four dollars so it’s one coffee, it’s just one small decision to be able to impact someone’s life,” said Emily Volland, the Director of Communication for Kadlec. “This is a very tangible way that we can support the people in our community who really need it the most.”

Chariss Warner, the Director of Ministries for the TCUGM, said the heat is “an opportunity to help people.”

“What you’re doing is you’re equipping us to be able to have that conversation with a population that may not otherwise want to have that conversation,” Warner said. “So if you can be a partner in that by just buying us a case of water, that would be huge.”

Currently, the TCUGM is one of the only cooling centers in the Tri-Cities. During extreme temperatures, the donation-based nonprofit opens its doors to anyone seeking relief from the heat or other inclement weather.

“There are things to be concerned about when you’re exposed to these elements,” Volland said. “Supporting the Union Gospel Mission by collecting bottles of water for those people in our community who need it the most is just a simple way that we can support the important work that the mission does.”

Warner added that clients who come in receive food, water, air-conditioning, and opportunities for cold showers.

“We give our clients room-temperature water so it doesn’t shock their system. We also add electrolytes to it because often their salts and all those things are off balance,” Warner said. “We have resources as you need them.”

If you would like to donate cases of water bottles, you can drop them off at the TCUGM located at 221 S 4th Ave in Pasco. You can also leave them at the CBC Health Sciences building at 891 Northgate Dr. in Richland on Wednesday, July 27 between 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

“Let’s just all kind of open up our homes and our facilities just to help those in our community in need,” Warner said.

To donate online, click here.


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