Counties pass 911 consolidation agreement

PTSD 911 dispatcher

Emergency dispatchers are getting a head start on their next call as of Tuesday.

After about a decade of discussion Franklin and Benton counties decided to go forward with a consolidation of both county 911 dispatch centers.

A $500,000 dollar agreement in Benton county passed early Tuesday and now Franklin County is set to pass its $500,000 dollar share in the agreement tomorrow.

With more people using cell phones, it was often challenging for dispatchers to pinpoint the exact location of emergency calls. Now that issue could be in the past.

“This consolidation of emergency 911 services will really allow us to overcome that technology hurdle and benefit citizens of the entire region by minutes or seconds off of a response time to an emergency.” Franklin County Administrator Keith Johnson said.

The initial cost of the project is $1 million dollars, however, by combining both county facilities it will hopefully eliminate a double investment for separate buildings and benefit the entire region.

The new dispatch center will be in Richland.