Court docs: Prosser murder suspect fatally stabbed his brother over $300 debt

Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez appeared has been charged with second-degree murder in Benton County Superior Court.

PROSSER, Wash. — The 21-year-old Prosser man has been charged with murder for allegedly stabbing his brother to death over a $300 debt.

On Jan. 9, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a man with multiple stab wounds to his upper chest. He was brought to Prosser Memorial Hospital by Alejandro Martinez. The man, 25-year-old Oscar Martinez, is Alejandro’s brother. He died from his injuries.

Alejandro told deputies the stabbing happened at his home, 835 Higdon Rd. According to court documents, Oscar and his friend, Miguel Rocha, were invited to Alejandro’s house that night. Alejandro allegedly got into a fight with his brother and punched him. Documents said Alejandro punched him because Oscar asked him to pay him back $300 that he loaned him a few weeks ago for rent.

The two brothers got into a fight and were eventually separated. Oscar and Miguel went home in Grandview.

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After they left, Alejandro told deputies they continued to argue over text message and Snapchat. Oscar asked his brother again where the money is that was owed. The argument escalated and documents say “Alejandro responded by telling Oscar if he shows up at his house, he would kill him.”

Later that night, Oscar told Miguel he wanted to go to his brother’s house to see what his issue was.

They drove from Grandview back to Alejandro’s home in Prosser. Documents said Alejandro was on the front porch of his mobile home with two kitchen knives — one in each hand. Oscar got out of the car and confronted Alejandro while Miguel stayed in the car.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Alejandro attacked his brother and stabbed him without saying anything. Oscar fell to the ground and started shaking. That’s when Miguel got out of the car and ran up to Oscar. He allegedly got Alejandro off of him and watched him drop the kitchen knife he used to stab his brother with.

Miguel carried his friend into the back of the car. Alejandro jumped in the driver’s seat and drove his brother to the hospital, documents said.

After deputies read Alejandro his rights when he was later arrested, he told deputies his brother was stabbed by an unknown man during a drug deal gone bad. Soon after, he admitted to stabbing his brother, but didn’t remember stabbing him on his back. Documents said Alejandro told deputies he stabbed his brother because he showed up at his house and demanded the money he owed him.

He admitted to talking to him over text message and Snapchat, but denied that he was going to kill him if Oscar showed up at his house. Alejandro told deputies he did get kitchen knives before his brother came back over. He alleged that Oscar punched him and Alejandro dropped the knife.

Court documents say he told deputies that his brother picked up the knife. That’s when he said he punched Oscar, took the knife away and stabbed him. However, documents say the scenario told by Miguel didn’t line up with Alejandro’s story.

Alejandro Martinez appeared in a Benton County courtroom on Wednesday, where his arraignment was pushed back to Jan. 22.

He’s being held on a $100,000 bail after second-degree murder charges were officially filed.