Custer’s Christmas Arts & Crafts Show returns to Pasco for 27th year

PASCO, Wash. — The Halloween decorations are starting to come down to make way for the colored lights, wreaths, garlands and trees that signify the arrival of the Christmas season.  

With just over seven weeks until the holiday, the Custer’s Christmas Arts & Crafts Show is providing an opportunity to get a head start this weekend.  

This will be the 27th year the Spokane-based company, Jim Custer Enterprises, is holding the event in the Tri-Cities. The show takes place at the HAPO Center in Pasco November 4-6, featuring the work of 150 participants.  

“We do have a really high return-rate,” explained Show Promoter Cheryl Custer-Branz. “I let people coming know, more than likely you’re going to see more than just a few of your favorite artists, but each year we’re able to also invite new people into the mix.” 

The show will welcome 30 new artists this year.  

Custer-Branz says the show gives shoppers the chance to get creative with their holiday purchases.  

“For one you’re going to be ahead of the game,” she said. “You can get everything marked off early. And, the other part is, you really are giving unique gifts. I think big box stores have their place for certain things that we want to purchase, but really in this case, you’re talking to the person who created the item.”  

Custers Christmas Show 2

Image Credit: Custer’s Christmas Arts & Crafts Show (2019)

An opportunity to support local small businesses

Erin Snodgrass is a local crafter who shows up to Custer’s Christmas Arts & Crafts Show every year.  

“I probably spend four or five hours a night working on stuff,” Snodgrass said. 

Erin’s Country Crafts sells homemade items such as crocheted blankets, dish scrubbers, pillows and toilet paper embroidered with comical phrases. 

“I have a group that every year they come straight to my booth, which makes me very honored because they pay the money to come in and come see me first,” Snodgrass said.  

The money Snodgrass earns from selling her crafted items helps her pay for her children’s dance classes. 

“My kids are my life,” she said. “So, doing something I love to help them do something they love is always perfect.”  

This will be the first year the event is held with no COVID-19 restrictions since the pandemic began. Custer-Branz says it’s especially important that people support these local and regional crafters.  

“I would really encourage people, this year more than ever, your small businesses need your support,” Custer-Branz said. “The artists and crafters need your support as everybody gets back on track.” 

Custer-Branz encourages people to buy tickets online ahead of their visit to the show.