CWU Library defaced with anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech

Image credit: Central Washington University

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — For the second time this year, the LGBTQ+ community at Central Washington University (CWU) was targeted by hate speech in a public forum on campus—this time at the University’s library.

CWU President Jim Wohlpart confirmed this hateful act in a message sent across the campus late last week. According to the statement, the library was defaced with both homophobic and politically charged vandalism. Campus staff is working to remove these hateful statements as early as possible.

“Central Washington University has zero-tolerance for any act of hate or aggression against any member of our LGBTQIA+ community or any other member of our community. We are an inclusive and accepting university that is strongly committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students. We will not tolerate any types of actions that reduce the humanity of others, make them feel unwelcome, or decrease their sense of safety and belonging.”

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The University is asking anyone with information on these vandals to reach out confidentially at 509-963-2111. Meanwhile, crews are working to remove any hateful symbols from the library.

“Central Washington University welcomes, celebrates, and supports all members of our community and seeks to grow–not to diminish–the diversity of identities, cultures, and communities that make CWU a rich and welcoming place of learning,” Wohlpart said.

Hate speech isn’t a new trend at CWU—a Pride flag was stolen and burned on campus earlier this year. School leaders have firmly condemned such acts and the student who was responsible has been apprehended.

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CWU EQuAl (Equality through Queers and Allies), a student organization dedicated to the safety and representation of the school’s LGBTQ+ community, posted the following response to the incident on social media earlier this week:


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