Dangerous Dog Ban in Spotlight

Possible Fine for Pit Bull Service Violators

The pit bull ban in Yakima City is in the spotlight again after two incidents in the past three weeks.

The most recent incident found the victim to be a cat, the pit bull that attcked the cat has been disallowed without proper registration as a certified service animal.

As it is now because of federal laws, the city cannot request records showing that an animal is a certified service dog. The city says there is more leeway to confirm a pit bull is in the city illegally if the dog attacks something or someone.

“All throughout the country it’s not unique just for Yakima, that people were trying to circumvent the pit bull bans by stating ‘hey they only have to ask two questions, we dont have to give any certification so lets keep our dog and go that way.’ unfortunately if something happens then the city has a little bit more leeway to delve into it and get to the bottom of all the true information,” said Joe Caruso of the Yakima Code Administration.

If a pit bull owner is cited for having their dog in city limits illegally they will have 48 hours to schedule a dangerous dog hearing with the Yakima Municipal Court. If no hearing is scheduled the dog would then be euthanized, if a hearing is scheduled the owner would then have to pay for the dog to stay at the Humane Society until the hearing is finalized.