Darigold plant infrastructure design underway in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. — Work has begun for the Darigold milk processing plant being built in Pasco. Design for the infrastructure is underway on the Port of Pasco’s part. This means the water, sewer, roads and railroads necessary for the manufacturer.

We contacted Darigold to ask about their progress, and they said in an email that it’s a little too soon for them to be sharing details, but the Port of Pasco is doing some work to prepare for the start of construction, located on 150 acres of land on the Reimann Industrial Center along U.S. 395.

Darigold included in their email that they are looking to host an official ground-breaking event in early September, as that’s when work begins on their end.

“On both our sides, we’re getting together to construct some plans,” said Randy Hayden, executive director for the Port of Pasco.

The Port anticipates that in early September this year, ground will officially break for their construction, and for construction to be concluded next year.

“With our portion, we expect to be complete by the end of 2023, and I believe that is Darigold’s estimate as well,” said Hayden.

One of the most prominent parts to this plant coming in, is the amount of jobs that they say it will create in the Tri-Cities and surrounding cities. Hayden said it would work to further diversify the economy of the Tri-Cities.

Darigold is looking at bringing in 300 jobs, Hayden said, and that many of these jobs opening up are ‘good, family-waged jobs,’ most of which being managers, technicians, and equipment technicians.

“This is a very automated facility,” Hayden said.

“I think another good thing for the county and the surrounding areas are the demand on the dairy farms themselves,” Hayden said. “We expect that there will be job increases at the dairy farms to produce the milk that will supply the plant.”

“They’re going to have a third party construct the cold-storage need for the facility, that will have additionally, a hundred jobs at the site,” Hayden said.

This manufacturing plant will be a huge investment in the city and the county, he said, and that it’s, “a vote of confidence on the Pasco area.”

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