David Issues Message to Hydros Fans

Steve David Sets Forth New Hydros Standards

New H1 Unlimited interim chairman Steve David, appointed this weekend following the retirement of Sam Cole, has issued this message to hydros fans.

Dear fans:

With my first race behind me as interim chairman, I wanted to share with you some steps I’m recommending to the Board to improve our racing. Before I do,, let me congratulate Ted Porter and his team on an exciting victory in San Diego, In the future, I want the victory celebration to begin the moment the checkered flag is flown, not 30 or 45 minutes later.

As for our governance of the sport, we have to do better.

I am recommending to the Board that they adopt policies that will address:

#1. A no harm, no foul interpretation of any rule violation

#2. What the fan saw on the water is how the awards will be given, unless a foul is blatant and immediately obvious.

#3. Penalties for technical violations and non blatant driving infractions will be given out the following week. The penalties will be either point reductions and/or penalty lane assignments at the next race, no more large monetary fines. We must keep the money in the teams budgets, not in the H-1 coffers.

#4. As you saw this weekend, we will strive to put all video and still images that form the basis of an official call on our H-1 communication platforms.

#5. If no video nor images are available, our official reasoning will be posted within 24 hours after the race.

We’ve got a long road to go to improve the sport, and we will make continual improvements and adjustments as necessary to improve the show and the fan experience. We will get there.

Let me also say that I back our chief referee 100%. It is a thankless job, and it takes courage. In Brain we’ve got the right person. Under the current rules his decision in the final was the correct one.

And finally, the Chairman of this sport governs the business end of things, while the officials conduct the race. I’ll do my best to urge rules that make officiating as transparent as possible, as easy as possible and the racing as great as possible.

Our “tent” is big enough for everyone who has constructive input, and we welcome your comments. You will not always agree with my decisions, or the Boards, or the referees. Such is the nature of humans. I can only assure you we’re all giving it our best every time.

Steve David