Delta snafu impacts Tri-Cities travel

Delta snafu impacts Tri-Cities travel

Delta Airlines is trying to recover from a worldwide computer outage Monday, now impacting travelers in eastern Washington.

Christine Dorn came to the Tri-Cities Thursday to celebrate her niece’s wedding. When she arrived at the airport to fly back to the east coast Monday, the computer system would not let her log in.

“I could hear the announcement the plane was boarding,” Dorn said. “But I couldn’t check in.”

Dorn was not the only one.

Richland resident Roger Johnson and his family learned of the Delta’s problems early Monday morning. Their connecting flight to New York was compromised, but they managed to reschedule with a combination of flights from Delta and Alaska. They said their cruise to Ireland departing 2 p.m. Tuesday is still full steam ahead.

“There’s people in a lot worse conditions than we are,” Johnson said.

According to CNN, as of 1:30 p.m. Monday, Delta reported more than 650 flight cancellations, a number which is expected to rise.

Experts predict the digital snafu will cost Delta tens of millions of dollars.

Tri-Cities Airport staff said a total of eight Skywest flights contracted through Delta depart each day.

The computer crash meant minor delays in the Tri-Cities Monday morning, but staff guessed later flights could be delayed as much as five hours.

However, Dorn was optimistic after successfully booking a flight for Tuesday, excited to spend more time in the Tri-Cities sun.

“I can either be grumpy or I can enjoy it,” Dorn said. “So I’m going to enjoy.”