Dept. of Ecology nears completion of Pasco Landfill cleanup project

(Image via Dept. of Ecology)

PASCO, Wash. — Ongoing efforts by the Washington Department of Ecology successfully removed large quantities of hazardous waste from the Pasco Landfill, according to the agency’s most recent update.

Since April 2021, contractors have worked under a temporary structure to excavate, segregate and characterize drums of hazardous waste. The teams in charge of this project expect to be finished removing these drums from Zone A by the end of June.

The permanent cleanup of Zone A is the largest and one of the final, necessary cleanup actions at the site.

A social media post from the WA Department of Ecology (@Ecology WA) showed a timelapse of the temporary structure being moved. Under this structure, workers remove buried hazardous waste from Zone A.

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When the work is complete, more than 35,000 drums will have been removed in order to preserve the land surrounding this landfill and create a cleaner, healthier future for Franklin County.

The Pasco Landfill Cleanup Action Plan was put into motion following public comment toward the end of 2019 with construction launching in October 2020. This site is located near Kahlotus Road & Highway 12, according to the Dept. of Ecology action plan.

Hazardous waste from the Pasco Landfill is being moved to separate disposal facilities located in Arlington, OR, and Grand View, ID.


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