Deputies rescue missing dog found in canal near Selah

dog rescued from canal
Credit: YCSO

SELAH, Wash. — Yakima County sheriff’s deputies saved a missing dog who ended up going into a canal.

Bowie, a one and a half-year-old German Shepard, husky/lab mix was discovered missing on Sunday morning.

She was spotted swimming in the Rosa Canal in East Selah. The dog was unable to get herself out, causing her to be swept into the tunnel leading through the mountain.

Deputies were called and they set up on the south side of the East Selah Ridge, where the canal exits the mountain.

35 minutes went by before she was seen again. The distance through the mountain was a little over a mile.

Bowie was spotted — very tired and hypothermic. Deputies had life vests, rope and a safety plan ready.

The dog was able to swim with the current to the side of the canal. Deputies threw a rope around her and pulled Bowie from the canal.

She was weak, cold, couldn’t stand and had torn several of her claws when she tried to get out of the canal.

Thankfully, Bowie was reunited with her owners and is expected to make a full recovery.

“This incident shows how dangerous canals and waterways can be,” the sheriff’s office said. “Thankfully no one entered the canal in an effort to rescue Bowie.”

They added, “As canals are being filled with water and the weather gets warmer please use caution around waterways.  Make sure and talk with children and those you are responsible for and make sure they understand the importance of avoiding canals.”