Derby Day at GESA Carousel of Dreams

The Children’s Reading Foundation is hosting their own version of the Kentucky Derby this weekend and are hoping you’ll get out your big hat and seersucker suit.

It’s all happening at the GESA Carousel of Dreams this Friday and all of the horses and chariots on the carousel are available for sponsorship. A fourth race will be a Calcutta where anyone that is attending has the chance to “purchase” a horse and ride in the final race.

The race is a fun way to promote the Derby but also raise funds for the Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Colimbia. Attendees can sponsor a horse for $200 dollars and they will also receive two tickets to the event.

Proceeds will be used to purchase high quality children’s books and will be provided to families, schools and childcare providers in our area. Tickets are $46 and available for purchase now, right here.