Despite rumors, Trader Joe’s is not coming to the Tri-Cities yet


TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Rumors have circulated the Tri-Cities of late, claiming that a Trader Joe’s location in Pasco was in the works. Before getting your hopes up about ‘Everything But The Bagel Seasoning‘ showing up on a shelf near you, the rumors are unsubstantiated.

KAPP-KVEW reached out to Trader Joe’s spokespeople directly for an answer. The renowned grocery chain’s PR Director, Kenya Friend-Daniel, provided the following comment regarding these rumors: “I’ve seen a lot of the stories about us coming to the Tri-Cities, specifically Pasco. There are no confirmed plans to bring a Trader Joe’s store to the area, including Pasco.”

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Rumors began to circulate based on word-of-mouth. It was rumored that team members from Trader Joe’s locations in Spokane heard the Tri-Cities were the next Washington region to open a Trader Joe’s location. There was even a specific location in mind near Road 100 in Pasco.

This is not all bad news. Trader Joe’s PR confirmed that the chain has expressed interest in expanding to the Tri-Cities and has even gone as far as to look at locations in the area. Even so, they have not made any commitment to make this official.

Tri-Cities residents have asked for a Trader Joe’s location in the area for years. Thousands of Tri-Citians showed their support for a TJ’s location in the region through a popular Facebook page. The California-based chain provides fresh format grocery stores with over 503 locations across 42 states. There are Trader Joe’s stores throughout northern Washington including multiple in the Spokane and Seattle regions.

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Known for reasonable prices, fresh products and flavors unique to this brand, Trader Joe’s is a hot commodity for products that are unique to it. Roughly 80 percent of the products on shelves in Trader Joe’s stores are from their own brand, making it a grocery shopping experience unique to this store and this store alone.

The Tri-Cities has a wide variety of grocery stores catering to the needs of community members from various backgrounds. Still, you’re not going to find anything like TJ’s cookie butter or signature chicken tikka masala at other grocery stores, which are just a small example of the items responsible for the store’s cultlike following.

Though this specific rumor doesn’t appear to be true, that doesn’t mean a Trader Joe’s location won’t make its way to the Tri-Cities eventually.


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