‘Disappointing and disheartening:’ Kennewick food truck robbed during service

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Troy Collins and Malinda Ralston were busy handing out delicious dogs, tots, and burgers to a hungry crowd from their food truck, The Dogfather.

When the rush slowed and they began packing up to move from the Petco in Kennewick to their next location, they discovered the worst had happened.

They had stored $400 worth of wires, cords, and plugs in a bag placed behind their truck next to their generator. But the bag had disappeared.

“It makes me sad. It makes me angry, actually,” said Collins. “What they might think for them is like nothing, it could cost us thousands of dollars for that $40 part they just stole from our truck.”

Ralston said she cried when she found out.

“We put basically everything we had into this truck. When you put everything on the line, it’s just disheartening that somebody would just try to take it away from you,” Ralston said. “It takes away from feeding our family and doing our mortgage.”

Besides the hundreds of dollars in losses, it’s harder for the co-owners of the truck to operate. Each location requires different wires and cords to plug into and they can run anywhere from $20 to $70 dollars each.

“We put everything into this and a lot of new business owners do they put every bit of everything into it,” Ralston said. “That first year is a struggle and so anything else, you know on top of COVID-19, it doesn’t help.”

So the couple turned to social media, posting on Facebook about what had happened.

But they didn’t expect the outpouring of support from customers, friends, and old coworkers that poured out.

“Again, the tears fell. But this time, of joy,” Ralston said.

Currently, there is an online fundraiser going to help out the couple.

“Every dollar and every dog sold helps. So we’ll keep going and we’re here to make it happen,” Collins said.

To donate to The Dogfather, click here.

You can also send a donation through Venmo at Malinda-Ralston-1.


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