Distracted driver causes rollover collision on busy Yakima street

Rollover crash Yakima
Image courtesy of Yakima Police Department

YAKIMA, Wash. — The Yakima Police Department (YPD) says a distracted driver caused a rollover crash on Tieton Drive Sunday night.

According to YPD, the driver had dropped their cellphone at their feet while driving down the roadway. When they reached down to grab the phone, they crossed over the center line and struck a car heading in the opposite direction, causing one of the cars to roll.

Tieton Drive was closed for several hours on Sunday evening while debris was cleared from the roadway.

YPD says both drivers suffered only minor injuries from the collision.

Officials want to remind the public how dangerous distracted driving can be. Under RCW 46.61.672, using a cellphone while driving is prohibited.

In a Facebook post, Yakima Police say “Please drive careful, put the cellphones down, and #justdrive while behind the wheel.”