Districts respond to positive COVID-19 case at Kennewick School District middle school

KENNEWICK, Wash. – The Kennewick School District reported a middle school student who was back at school for in-person learning has tested positive for COVID-19.

The student was at Highlands Middle School. Luckily, the building did not have to shut down.

KAPP KVEW reached out to KSD to learn if this would affect hybrid learning, which is set to start in a matter of days. This was their response.

“When we receive a report of an on-site confirmed case of COVID-19 for either a student or staff member, we work with the Benton-Franklin Health District to identify any close contacts. We notify all staff at the school and send a notification to families at the school. We follow all of the cleaning/sanitizing protocols that are necessary for confirmed cases. You can find more information about protocols here:


We are updating our COVID-19 Report Card page as we receive reported cases from the schools:


We believe that it is important for the district to be as transparent as possible with our community so that families are making informed decisions when sending their child to school for in-person learning.”

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Richland School District said, so far, they have not had any positive COVID-19 cases among the students who are back in class for in-person learning. District Officials said they are continuously monitoring conditions as well as state guidelines to get students back into school safely as the beginning of hybrid learning gets closer.

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