Dog hit by car, rescued by cop is fighting to stay alive

Dog hit by car, rescued by cop is fighting to stay alive

A dog who was rescued by a Pasco police officer after she was hit by a car on Thanksgiving morning is fighting to stay alive.

Chancie, a boxer-pit bull mix, was found with a shattered pelvis and broken hip along I-182. Officer Eric Fox saw her on the side of the road and brought her to Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Services off Sandifur Parkway.

She spent three days at the vet in critical condition, receiving emergency treatment for her injuries. During that time, Officer Fox announced that he will be adopting Chancie despite her condition.

Dog hit by car, rescued by cop is fighting to stay alive

On Saturday evening, her health stabilized and she moved into a foster home in Tri-Cities while in recovery.

Chancie seemed to be in good spirits for the next four days but on Thursday, her health took a turn for the worse, according to Forgotten Dogs Rescue, a nonprofit covering Chancie’s remaining medical costs,

“When she woke up, her foster mom saw that Chancie wasn’t acting normally, and then she started having tremors. Chancie was crashing,” the rescue said in a Facebook post.

The dog was brought to a vet, where she her pain medication was adjusted while she received emergency treatment.

After a tense couple hours, she stabilized.

Further examination of Chancie’s injuries showed they are slightly worse than initially thought.

Her pelvis is broken in at least five places and she has no feeling in her left leg, likely because the nerve was crushed or severed. Because of the seriousness of her injuries, it’s likely that her leg will need to be amputated.

Dog hit by car, rescued by cop is fighting to stay alive

Chest X-rays show that she has chest contusions, a bruised lung and fluid around her heart caused by the impact from the car that hit her.

“We were relieved that there was no sign of any internal bleeding, and we’re hopeful that Chancie’s lungs will continue healing and the fluid will go down. Right now she is stable and we are cautiously optimistic that she will stay that way,” the rescue said.

Officer Fox and his family visited Chancie at the vet later that day. He said Chancie’s spirit was crumbling when he found her, but has since seen it return. He said Thursday morning was just a setback that the dog overcame in part because of her strong will.

“Is she broken? Yeah. Is her spirit hurting and fractured? Yeah. But she is a Fox now and she is not giving up,” Fox wrote in the comments of the Facebook post.

For the next week, Chancie will have round-the-clock monitoring and care at her foster home in the Tri-Cities before getting her pelvis and leg taken care of.

“She has a fighting spirit for sure. And as long as she is willing to fight, so will we,” the rescue said.

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