Dog with less than a year to live sworn in as honorable Pasco K-9 as part of bucket list

PASCO, Wash. — Sometimes we don’t know how lucky we are until something life-altering happens whether that be the loss of a loved one or a medical diagnosis. For Eddie, he’s taking each day head on and full of adventures.

Eddie, or Eddie Spaghetti as his foster mom calls him, was dumped in Benton City before Thanksgiving. He survived on the street until he was caught by Officer Brown with Benton County Canine Control. Eddie went to the vet and an inoperable tumor was found causing him to go blind in one eye. She called Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue after learning about the diagnosis. He has six months to a year to live. While Eddie doesn’t know he’s sick, his foster mom is making sure he knows how truly special he is with a bucket list.

“So we were like, what would we want for him and of course, being a K-9 officer just seemed like a great fit for him because he’s such a great ambassador,” said Kristi Kesler, Eddie’s foster mom with Mikey’s Chance. “He’s got such a great personality.”

One of his bucket list items was to become an honorary Pasco Police K-9. That dream came true on Monday.

“Apprehend bad guys, search out narcotics and put people in jail…so help me God,” said Pasco’s Chief of Police Ken Roske as we swore in Eddie.

By Eddie’s side was Pasco officer Julie Lee, who is considered his Aunt Julie to Kesler. Lee’s husband, who works at the Richland Police Department, tailored Eddie’s uniform with Pasco patches and sergeant insignia.

After getting geared up, Eddie hit the streets to take a bite out of crime.

“He’s going to his first official call for service to pick up property at Nolan’s,” Lee said.

Eddie’s call sign for the day was “Pasco 509.” He went to Nolan’s Collision where he was greeted with a gift basket full of treats, toys and a copy of a receipt from money paid towards his medical bills. Pasco Police did Facebook lives throughout this entire journey.

The next stop was Starbucks to grab a puppicino — a cup full of whipped cream. After, he went to the 911 dispatch center in Richland where he met the dispatchers giving him his calls for service. He had a photo session at every location, calling him his nickname.

“Eddie Spaghetti, he’s mama’s little yeti when he talks,” Kesler said.

No donuts were there, but Kesler and Lee had other plans. They made their way to Spudnut Donut Shop in Richland. Eddie met customers and staff inside. The Richland Police Department also dropped by to say hi and give him some donuts. Eddie stopped at a few more places with a few dog naps in between.

“He’s had quite the adventure today, and he’s got a full belly,” Kesler said.

Community members have previously offered to check some items off his bucket list such as a picture with Santa and a pool of stuffed animals. They’re still looking to check off a few things like riding in a motorcycle’s side car and setting up a kissing booth at Jenny’s Hope adoption event.

“These people who’ve really stepped up and said we want to make a difference in this dog’s life — it’s meant the world to know that people still do care,” Kesler said. “Having them and being able to be apart of their lives and make a difference like in Eddie, to bring this joy to him no matter how short of time it is that’s what we hold onto.”

The outpouring support is nothing short of a miracle everyone wishes for Eddie.

“You can truly tell he is — he’s grateful to be here and I am honored that I get to be the K-9 handler for Eddie today,” Lee said.

Kesler wants to shed light on Eddie’s story and how dumping animals is not the answer.

“Don’t send them to a death sentence in the middle of nowhere” she explained. “They deserve a chance at a happy life. If you can’t provide it anymore, let somebody else try to do that for them.”

Though his time to cross the rainbow bridge is coming sooner than what everyone wanted, Kesler and Aunt Julie is going to continue to make each day special for Eddie Spaghetti whether it’s belly rubs, cuddles, unconditional love or all of the above.

“Saying goodbye is the hardest part of every having a dog,” Kesler said. “There’s always another Eddie. There’s always someone who needs help.”

You can contact Mikey’s Chance if you would like to check off an item still on his bucket list. You can also donate to the rescue or Eddie’s medical bills.