Doggone It! Fence stolen from dog park at Yakima’s Randall Park over the weekend


YAKIMA, Wash. — Over the weekend, someone stole 100-feet of chain link fencing from the dog park at Randall Park. Now, crews from the City of Yakima are turning to the community for help finding their suspect.

According to City of Yakima spokesman Randy Beehler, parks and rec staff members visited Randall Park on Monday to find that a large portion of the fence that allows dogs to run free had been removed.

They sought surveillance video or Ring doorbell camera footage from the surrounding area but weren’t able to find any footage. To make matters worse, they didn’t recover any evidence that would help them find out who did this.

“This is a pretty unusual circumstance. This is not something that the city has had to deal with very often if ever, so, it’s hopefully just a one-off experience and we don’t have to deal with it again,” Beehler said.

Although a temporary fence has been installed, pet owners with pups who are prone to make an escape should proceed with caution when visiting the park. City officials are trying to find a contractor who can restore the fence as soon as possible, but summertime can be quite busy. They’re unsure when the fence restoration will be completed.

“Hopefully it won’t take very long,” Beehler said. “It kind of stands to reason that if your dog has a tendency to try and get through a fence now might not be the best time to take them to the dog park. The fencing is secure, but it’s not as secure as a chain-link fence for sure.”

If you have information that will help the authorities track down this fence thief, you’re urged to contact the Yakima Police Department at (509) 575-6200.


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