Dogs recovered in rural Finley with porcupine quills in their faces

Donations are requested to fund the emergency care these dogs require.

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Three dogs are receiving emergency treatment after they were recovered from remote farmlands in Finley with porcupine quills stuck in their faces.

A volunteer at Blue Mountain Wildlife and Veterinary Assistant named Alisha Dickenson heard about the dogs from a post on a Tri-Cities area Facebook page for lost animals.

She searched the Finley area on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when her friend and co-volunteer, Anastasia Rief, got in contact with a property owner and finally located the dogs.

They crawled under an old motorhome and shipping containers to make contact with the canines, who she described as “very sweet dogs who love being pet.”

Now, the dogs are being treated for their wounds at Vista Veterinary Hospital in Kennewick. They’ve been sedated to have the quills removed in a process that can be quite painful.

The Benton County Canine Shelter will be responsible for the dogs moving forward after Dickenson welcomed them into her home on the night they were recovered.

Since kennels are approaching capacity, it’s likely that the three dogs will need to be fostered after their procedures are complete.

However, the team needs help covering the cost of these dogs’ medical care. While Dickenson helped raise $360 for their care herself, it won’t be enough to pay for all of their procedures.

Anyone who is interested in helping these dogs can make a donation to Vista Veterinary Hospital (509-783‑2131).

Meanwhile, a team member at the Benton County Canine Shelter is looking into a potential owner who posted to social media looking to rehome a group of puppies in August 2021.


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