Domestic violence report leads to standoff with police

Domestic violence report leads to standoff with police

Richland Police were at a standoff with Richland resident Joseph R Allen JR, 37, for over an hour Saturday afternoon.

Officers originally responded to a domestic violence simple assault report along the 800 block of Sanford Avenue and Kuhn Street.

When RPD arrived, they attempted to get Allen to come out of his house but he refused to. Police then set up a containment perimeter around the house and a standoff was initiated by police.

Officials were able to get the woman inside the house with Allen to safety and she appeared to be unharmed.

After police had probable cause to believe methamphetamine was within the house, Allen shouted from the window that he was only under the influence of marijuana. Police executed a search warrant and found methamphetamine in Allen’s pocket when he finally came out of the house.

No weapons were involved in the alleged assault.

Allen was transported to Benton County jail on charges of domestic violence simple assault and obstructing a public officer. The methamphetamine found in his pocket was sent to the lab for further review.