Donations of pet food needed for senior citizens’ pets in Yakima County

Pet food program offered by Meals On Wheels
Meals On Wheels Pet Program Yakima
Courtesy: Heather Marsh

YAKIMA, Wash. — While People For People is most known for its Meals On Wheels program, which delivers food to senior citizens across Yakima County, they also have a program that feeds those senior citizens’ pets.

The Meals-For-Pets program provides cat and dog food to senior citizens who receive meal deliveries. Program Manager Lorena Fernandez said the program was created after staff noticed their seniors were putting aside their own needs to make sure their pets didn’t go hungry.

“Instead of eating their own food that we provide for them, they feed that foods to their pets,” Fernandez said, adding that seniors would also forego needed medicine or essentials for themselves and use that money to buy pet food

Donations of cat or dog food can be dropped off at Old Mill Country Store, 1504 S. 36th Ave. in Yakima from now until the end of the month. People can also purchase food at the store and add it to the donation pile.

Anyone who doesn’t want to do an in-person donation can call the store at 509-225-2495 to purchase pet food using their credit or debit card number, which will then be added to the donation pile at the store.

People can also donate directly to the Meals On Wheels program online here.