Don’t forget: the 2020 Census is underway right now

Public worry challenges census
Shutterstock via CNN

SUITLAND-SILVER HILL, Md. — An endeavor that only happens once a decade is being overshadowed by national pandemic.

The 2020 Census officially kicked off in April. Census results determine how congressional seats are designated along with leadership at the local and state level. Additionally, the federal government uses the results to allocate funding to communities for healthcare, education, infrastructure and more.

“It’s fair to say trillions of dollars are distributed to communities across the country every decade, said Jeff Enos, deputy regional director for the seven-state Los Angeles Region. “If individual households are not counted, their community could be losing out on thousands of dollars.”

Though the pandemic has a put a temporary stop to some of the door-to-door operations, overall Enos said the response rate has actually surpassed projections.

Right now, Washington state has a response rate of 63.1%. The nationwide response rate is 57.7%.

“We’re seeing Washingtonians responding in great numbers and that’s very encouraging, but we’re not there yet,” said Enos. “We need to get to 100%.”

You can complete your questionnaire online, by phone, or by mail. To respond online, click here.

They’re also still hiring workers to go door-to-door in August in Washington and Oregon. To apply, click here.