Double amputee veteran shares the shortcut to happiness

Double amputee veteran shares the shortcut to happiness

Master Sergeant Cedric King stopped by the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School in Richland to share his message with young professionals who just finished raising money for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

King is a double amputee and U.S. Military hero who shared the shortcut to happiness Friday.

The morning of July 25, 2012 was a day U.S. Army Master Sergeant Cedric King will never forget.

“We came under attack and I stepped on 30 pounds of explosives,” Master Sergeant King said.

This altered the rest of King’s life.

“At that moment I became a bilateral amputee,” King added.

A tragedy that changed his life for what he believes, is now a better version of who he was before Afghanistan.

“It’s the person on the inside that had to compete without legs that made me a better version of that guy. That guy had not seen these types of challenges,” King continued.

Lucky to be alive today, King continued to dream big and began training for marathons, crossing eight finish and is now training for his next marathon that is 126 miles long.

King now travels the country to share his story to help motivate and show others how to succeed through obstacles.

“Do the thing you fear, and fear will disappear,” King said in his motivational speech Friday.

Hoping others will better understand ways to push through the tough times.

“It’s about not focusing on the things that went wrong, but the things that went right,” King said.

King’s message resonated with just about everyone in the room, many were even moved to tears.

“It showed me that somebody real, can go through something as crazy as that and come out stronger,” Stylists, Muranda Craneston said while crying.

King showed everyone the power in not giving up on dreams and expressed how much they will get in return if they take the short cut to happiness he described in his speech.

“It’s amazing it gives me so much fire. I’m ready to succeed!” Stylists Savvy Wooden said with tears in her eyes.

As for King he’s just happy to spread his message and interact with communities everywhere.

“It’s not about my story, it’s about the stories they share with me,” King concluded.

Sergeant King has given inspirational speeches to over 100,000 people as a member of the Gary Sinise Veterans foundation.

While over the last five years Paul Mitchell schools across the country have donated over $500,000 dollars to the Gary Sinise federation to help veterans everywhere.