Downtown Spokane shooting threat fueled by negative Google review

Downtown Spokane shooting threat fueled by negative Google review
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Police arrested 41-year-old Chesed Johnson on Friday – he is accused of threatening to carry out a shooting in downtown Spokane.

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4 News Now reached out to Johnson, who said he regrets what he said, and that his anger got the better of him.

Johnson actually worked for a prison consultant on the 14th floor of the Wells Fargo building downtown. He threatened to shoot people because a leasing company kept deleting his negative Google review.

“I called their customer service line and I told them I’d go to their Dallas headquarters and I would shoot everybody,” he said. “People can view me as the crazy guy who made a threat but at least they’ll know that this company has got issues.”

That threat is the reason Johnson is now behind bars, charged with a felony. Spokane Police say he threatened to shoot up both the business downtown and the company’s headquarters in Dallas.

His former boss, who asked to not be named, said there was an issue with one employee – one who was eventually fired. He claimed Johnson became interested in another employee, but those feelings were not mutual.

“She would cover her eyes when I walked into the office,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s former boss, who has known him for 30 years, said he kept unleashing on the internet; leaving negative Google reviews about the leasing company, though all of them were taken down.

“I’ve tried for months to get them to remove that block,” Johnson explained. “And they’ve never once responded to anything – any email, and phone call.”

Johnson’s boss ended up firing him and calling Spokane Police several times when Johnson made suicidal threats. Johnson, however, says he is a good person and would never harm anyone.

“I’ve never been arrested, I’m honorably discharged from the military, I’ve done tons of volunteer work, I tried to donate a kidney,” he explained. “I was just upset – yeah, sure, I regret saying it, there was not intention.”

Johnson is charged with felony harassment, and he says he cannot afford to pay his $15,000 bond. He will face a judge on Monday.