Dozens attend Kennewick reproductive rights rally over the weekend

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Hundreds of marches supporting reproductive rights for women were held around the nation on Saturday. Several of these rallies happened in Eastern Washington, including one in Kennewick on Saturday, October 2nd.

Along Clearwater in front of the WinCo grocery store, dozens of people gathered with signs supporting pro-choice sentiments. Signs said things like “Protect safe, legal abortions” and “Freedom of choice… a constitutional right.”

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Event organizer Amber Rodriguez is part of the Tri-Cities Womxn’s March, which was founded roughly four years ago. The group has hosted a variety of protests and support groups around the Tri-Cities ever since.

“I’ve worked with a lot of these women,” Rodriguez says. “We’ve just kind of come together in different ways to support and just create movements around things that we believe in in the Tri-Cities.”

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More supporters passed by the event, honking their horns and revving their engines throughout the rally, prompting cheers from the protesters. Participants could be heard saying “Protect our rights! No uterus, no opinion!”

“Whether you choose to say ‘I’m prepared to be a mother,’ or you’re choosing to say that some unfortunate circumstances have happened, and you want to have help with that,” Rodriguez says, “That should still be something you can choose to do. And that’s why this is important, is to have choice.”

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There were no counter-protesters in attendance. However, an anonymous note was placed on our news car: “Not all agree with this rally! If the medical definition of death is ceasing of one’s heartbeat — why isn’t a heartbeat evidence of life?”

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