Dozens gather for National Slow Down, Move Over day in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. — National Slow Down, Move Over day happens every year on the third Saturday of October. This year, participants from law enforcement, the Department of Transportation, tow truck operators and more gathered in Pasco for a procession to show their support.

The Slow Down, Move Over law is the practice of slowing down and, if possible, moving over in cases where emergency and construction vehicles are stopped on the side of the roadway. Violating the law doesn’t just mean a fine, it could also mean someone’s life.

“There’s fifty plus deaths this year alone,” says event organizer Shannon Harrington. “[Because of] people that did not slow down and move over.”

Attendees of Saturday’s procession came from all over the state, including TLC Towing from Ridgefield, Washington. One of their drivers died just a few weeks ago.

“Raymond Mitchell was probably one of the most dedicated guys that we had,” the TLC Towing team says. “He worked countless hours, eighty plus hours a week.”

Mitchell died on September 22nd, after responding to a tow truck call along Interstate 5 near Kalama, Washington. He was 33 years-old.

“Everybody always says that, how great of guys they are and all that, but he really was,” his colleagues say. “He was one of our top drivers. All because of negligence, he was killed.”

“When you see a tow truck, amber lights, blue lights, red lights on the side of the road,” Harrington says, “Slow down and move over. If you can’t move over, slow down.

“There’s one death from a tow truck operator every six days, and we want to see that number a lot lower. We want to see that number zero.”