Dozens walk from Richland to Pasco in support of Officer Cobb

RICHLAND, Wash — Dozens of members with Ruck for the Fallen took to the Tri-Cities streets Saturday morning as they walked to show support for a local police officer.

Waving flags and cheering, they were led by Pasco police patrol cars from Howard Amon Park in Richland to Volunteer Park in Pasco.

Organizers said the ruck was created to show Pasco Officer Jeff Cobb that he is “not alone” while he is recovering from a brain aneurysm that he suffered in February.

The 10-mile walk took a few hours and organizers said they couldn’t be “prouder.”

“There’s an emotion of pride, happiness and honor when you see those flags just flying,” said organizer Kimberly Kohler. “He protects us, he supports us and he has a good heart.”

Officer Cobb, who rode along during the ruck, said it was important for him to join after months of community support.

“All of these people are here donating their time and being out here to remember me,” Officer Cobb said. “It’s incredibly important to honor that and to be here for that and them.”

Officer Cobb added that his recovery process was made much easier due to the “people in this loving community.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only this, but for the GoFundMe, the cards, what people have been doing, sending, and saying,” Officer Cobb said. “It’s just an amazing experience to live in this community and be surrounded by this much love and support.”

Mama’s Diner in Benton City also hosted a donation-based barbecue dinner after for the supporters.

All donations raised are going directly to Officer Cobb’s recovery.