DUI driver arrested in Kennewick after veering into the wrong lane on Clearwater

Kennewick Police Department
Image credit: Kennewick Police Department, Facebook

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A driver was stopped on Clearwater Avenue around midnight on Wednesday after veering into oncoming traffic after propelling over the speed limit in front of a police officer.

According to officials from the Kennewick Police Department (KPD), a KPD officer was traveling westbound near the intersection of N Huntington St & W Clearwater Ave at midnight on January 26.

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The officer observed the suspect driving over the posted speed limit and decided to follow behind their vehicle. That’s when the KPD officer watched as the driver veered into the eastbound lane—thankfully, without any oncoming traffic from close enough on Vista Way to endanger anyone else.

That’s when the Kennewick police officer decided to pull this driver over. Once they made contact with the driver, they noticed signs of intoxication.

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A search warrant for the suspect’s blood was obtained as they were moved to a local hospital. After that, the male suspect was booked into the Benton County Jail on an investigative hold for suspicion of DUI.

Additionally, a notice infraction was issued for the driver’s high speeds on Clearwater Ave.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up may be issued if further details emerge.


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