Earth mover crashes hundreds of yards down steep embankment in Yakima County

caterpillar crash
Yakima County Sheriff's Office

ZILLAH, Wash. — An earth mover went crashing hundreds of yards down an embankment in Yakima County on Friday.

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said a worker was operating the vehicle at the Cheyne Landfill near Zillah when the transmission went out, sending him on “an involuntary and scary roller coaster ride of about 600-800 yards down the steep bank.”

As the earth mover neared the bottom of the embankment, it went airborne for about 150 more yards and flipped onto its top, deputies said.

The worker was wearing a seatbelt and did not suffer any serious injuries. He was transported by ambulance to Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in Yakima.

Deputies said he was a contract employee from Longview, Washington.