Ellensburg will get back the money lost in recent cyber crime

Ellensburg will get back the money lost in recent cyber crime

The City Of Ellensburg announced last week that it was the victim of a cyber theft, resulting in the loss of nearly $186,000.

The City said it recieved an email from a person saying they were an accountant for a vendor it makes regular payments to. The City processed the invoice because it said the request appeared to have authentic documentation, but instead belonged to a fraudulent account.

The City of Ellensburg’s Communications Officer, Margaret Reich, said there’s an ongoing investigation into the cyber crime, and the city’s insurance company is processing their claim.

Reich said the City is expected to receive all the funds back from their insurance company, with the excepetion of the deductible – which she says will be substantially less than the amount the cyber criminals took from the City.

She said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to them. “There’s been attempts to commit crimes against the City, cyber crimes against the City previously,” Reich said. “The safegaurds that were in place for those prior attempts worked and worked well.”

According to Reich, “In this particular instance, we are going to be upgrading and reviewing our safeguards that are in place and ensuring that this doesn’t happen again.” She said they will do additional levels of review this time.