Employees at the Tyson Fresh Meats plant in Wallula tested for the coronavirus

Tyson Beef

WALLULA, Wash. — Employees at the Tyson Fresh Meats plant in Wallula were tested for the coronavirus on Friday.

An employee at the plant said that he had to show up to work Friday morning, work for five hours so that everything was set for the weekend, and then get tested for the virus.

Health officials tested 1,113 employees on Friday, with an estimated three-hundred employees to be tested on Monday.

There has been one-hundred and eleven positive COVID-19 cases linked to the plant.

There are one-hundred employees from Benton and Franklin Counties that have tested positive for COVID-19, nine employees from Walla Walla, and two employees from Umatilla.

“It was managers, butchers, it was everybody, and so nobody was immune and no specific production line or anything else was safe,” said Meghan DeBolt, Director of Walla Walla Co. Department of Community Health, in regards to if there was one specific region of the plant that was hit harder than others by the virus.

Tyson Foods made the decision to close the plant earlier this week.