Energy Northwest helps install eight EV charging stations on US 12

File Image: Electric Vehicle charges at a station

RICHLAND, Wash. — Energy Northwest is leading an infrastructure expansion effort to get eight more electric vehicle charging stations built along U.S. Route 12 in Washington.

Construction on the charging stations is set to begin this spring along the White Pass Scenic Byway.

In a press release, Energy Northwest officials shared how this will benefit drivers in Washington.

“Energy Northwest is striving to help Washington state meet its climate goals and looking to ways we can make an impact in both the energy and transportation sectors,” said Greg Cullen, Energy Northwest’s vice president for Energy Services & Development. “As transportation evolves, getting the infrastructure in place is vital for communities across Washington.”

This means EV drivers will be able to venture to parts of the state that were otherwise off limits, due to lack of available charging stations.

“Highway 12 is integral for east to west travel, with stretches of rural areas through Lewis, Pierce and Yakima counties. It’s designated as an underserved corridor for EV drivers,” said Jennifer Harper, Energy Northwest project developer. “There was a desire and support from local communities along the route to bring this effort together.”

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The project is a joint-effort between EN, Lewis County Public Utility District and Twin Transit, with support from White Pass Scenic Byway organization, Benton REA and community members.

Energy Northwest received two grants to fund the project, including a $1.15 million grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Clean Energy Fund and around $667,000 from the TransAlta Coal Transition Fund.

Company officials said establishing these new charging stations is a necessary step towards electrifying Washington’s transportation sector.

The new stations along the route will include at least one DC fast charger and one level two charger at each site. Every location will also include White Pass Scenic Byway signs highlighting nearby attractions and local information.

EV drivers will be able to get to Washington landmarks like Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Adams without worrying about having a charged battery.

Once the charging stations are online, they’ll be listed for drivers to find on PlugShare and the mobile app.

EN said the stations should be operational by the end of 2022.