“Even the little guy can win sometimes:” Walla Walla man wins $250,000 prize

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — State officials conducted the fourth and final drawing for a $250,000 “Shot of a Lifetime” vaccine incentive prize on June 29. The winner has been confirmed as a Walla Walla resident in his 30s who thought it was a scam when he first received the call.

According to a release from Washington’s Lottery, Stephen T—A married man in his 30s with a young daughter—was the final recipient of the state’s four $250,000 prizes. Officials say that he works in the foodservice industry and has a very busy schedule.

Stephen T. released the following statement through state officials:

“I was at work in a managers meeting when the phone rang. I saw it was a 253 number and said Fife, WA on the caller ID, so I asked if anyone knew where Fife was, then let it go to voicemail. When we finished the meeting, I played the voicemail in the room and three of the guys said that has to be a scam, and I didn’t really know that the program was going on, but one of the guys said they’re not asking for money or anything personal….you should call them back, just in case. So I did and I’m sure glad I did! They told me to search for the Shot of a Lifetime on the Internet so I knew it wasn’t a scam, and I did and then I called the main Lottery number, and they told me it was really real. I didn’t believe it at first and still kind of don’t, but I think it’s great that the state is doing this, because it really helps give people another big reason to get their shots. I just hope more and more people get vaccinated because it’s really important. My wife and I never gamble, never bet, but this just proves that even the little guy can win sometimes.”

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Anyone hoping to be made eligible for the $1 million prize drawing must initiate vaccination in Washington state before July 13.

Just 126 of the 247 prizes available from this week’s prize drawings have been claimed. Please be advised that there are no drawings scheduled for this week.


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