Falling rock on Blewett Pass narrowly misses driver’s head

Falling rock on Blewett Pass narrowly misses driver’s head
Washington State Patrol

You’ve probably seen warning signs on highways: FALLING ROCKS. They’re posted in mountainous areas or alongside rocky hillsides where roads begin. Few drivers, though, have had the misfortune of a rock falling directly in their path — or worse, on top of them.

One driver is glad to have survived a close encounter with a rock on Blewett Pass over Memorial Day Weekend — and by close, we mean close.

Be cautious of falling rocks with the amount of moisture we’ve had lately. This rock was inches from hitting the driver in the head when it slid onto Blewett Pass @WSDOT_East @wsdot_passes– Tpr. Weber #FALLINROCKS pic.twitter.com/SgDlCBBV5W

— Trooper John Bryant (@wspd6pio) May 26, 2019

Inches from hitting the driver in the head, said Washington State Patrol Trooper John Bryant. He posted about the incident on Sunday.

Photos show the rock smashed through the driver’s windshield and shattered glass all over the car’s interior.

It’s something to keep in mind when traveling over mountain passes or along hillsides when there’s been wet weather: water tends to soften soil and seep behind rocks, which can lead to loosening and cause a rockfall.

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