Family of Seahawks’ Fans Ride in Style

Family of Seahawks’ Fans Ride in Style

Ever since the Seahawks became NFC Champions, we have been looking for the area’s top Seahawks’ fans, and today we have what may be the number one Seahawks’ family.

Jae Gomez and his family are pretty commited to the Hawks and have been even when they weren’t winning.

They have all the memorobilia to prove and one big extra, which is 30 feet long RV, designed by Gomez, covered in Seahawks’ colors, logos and player and certainly gets noticed on the highway.

“We wanted to do something modern,” said Gomez. “We wanted something fans could get excited about and take pictures with.”

The RV was created summer of 2012 and has made several trips to games in Seattle.

Gomez’s fiance said it get a lot of attention.

“It’s crazy,” said Megan Wills. “People scream and we even had 49ers’ fans flipping us off. Seahawks’ fans screaming, waving their hands, it’s pretty crazy.”

These two aren’t the only fans in the bunch.

All the kids are on deck too, they may be even bigger fans than mom and dad.

“They are the best team,” said Gomez’s son, Michael Gomez.

“Last year, I got really into football so I’m excited,” said Wills’ daughter, Traesa Ackley.

“I’m really excited, we’ve always been the underdog team and now we’re number one,” said Ackley’s friend, Whitney Phillips.

The family has tons of memorbialia to prove their loyalty, including blankets, posters, flags and plenty of jerseys.

Gomez said he designed the infamous Richard sSherman/ Tom Brady “U Mad Bro” photo that went viral last year.

He even got it signed by Sherman declaring he is the creator.

“It just took off, I’ve never really tried to get any money or credit, despite any endorsements he might take from it,” said Gomez. “I wish him the best and I would never interrupt what the Seahawks are doing right now.”

Gomez just wants his team to come home with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

“They have always been the underdogs and all the announcers on TV are always looking at the Seahawks like they’re never going to win, they’re a nobody team.” said Gomez.

We have one solid prediction for Sunday’s game.

“I think they’re going to win,” said Michael.