Family of the 14-year-old shot and killed in Yakima mourning his death

Family of the 14-year-old shot and killed in Yakima mourning his death

Suzie Smith is left with just a few words to remember her son Kabin, a text message while walking back from school, “I’m on my way home”.

“First day ever at Eisenhower and they sent him home,” said Suzie Smith.

But he never made it.

Suzie said the school let Kabin out without a guardian because of a fight over the colors he was wearing with a student who she says was a gang member,

“I’m calling in regards to Kabin he almost got in a fight this morning as he’s dressed in red he’s dressed inappropriately today, we need someone to come to school and pick him up,” said Eisenhower High School assistant principal via a voicemail.

Suzie’s phone on silent that day….

“I would’ve went and got him but I didn’t hear my phone,” said Suzie.

She never picked up the call.

“They didn’t call the house phone they called my cell phone,” added Suzie.

Suzie, left to wonder if Kabin would still be alive if they had kept him at school.

“He walked from Eisenhower until he got there to Cornell and king and they shot him dead,” said Suzie.

Hurt and left with anger.

“He was not in a gang and I asked him a couple weeks ago even,” said Suzie.

His family, holding on to memories.

“I’ll always say oh you got beautiful freckles and I would point to them and he would just smile so big,” said Suzie.

and to hope — the community can come together.

“We have to put an end to this crime these people that want to hurt our little ones,” said Suzie Smith.

We did reach out to the Yakima School District, which said the procedure is to wait until a parent comes to pick up a student.

In this case, it said Kabin Smith left despite instructions to wait for a parent.

Police continue to investigate that shooting tonight.

The family has set up Two GoFundMe pages to help with Kabin’s memorial.

One page is from his family out on the west side and the other from his family in Yakima.

Funds on both pages will go towards his memorial.