WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released in a statement Wednesday that the budget increase request for the Hanford site was not only approved, but it came back above what was expected.

The Hanford site, home to millions of gallons of radioactive waste after the site was used to produce plutonium for the Manhattan project in World War II, had seen a previously secured budget from Senator Murray of $2.595 billion for the 2022 fiscal year.

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But the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) submitted a budget amendment for President Joe Biden’s request that the budget be increased. Now, the 2022 fiscal budget sits at $2.613 billion.

“A lot of Presidents will try to trim the budget when it comes to Hanford,” Senator Murray said. “My job is to make them remember their moral and legal obligation to this community—and that’s exactly what I’ll keep doing in the other Washington.”

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The previously secured $2.595 billion secured by Senator Murray was already $128 million over the President’s Budget Request. As negotiations continue for the 2023 fiscal year, Senator Murray plans to build on the previous budget.

“We need to build off the funding I secured in the last government spending package,” Senator Murray said. “This budget amendment helps us do that.”

Senator Murray isn’t the only Washington state politician pushing for more Hanford site funding. Just last week, Governor Jay Inslee visited the cold-test facility and the direct feed Low-Activity Waste vitrification plant, as well as other Hanford site locations, before advocating that the 2023 fiscal year budget be increased to $3.35 billion.

After Senator Murray’s announcement, Governor Inslee praised her efforts in securing the additional funding.

“Last week, when I visited Hanford, I saw the opportunity for great progress at the Hanford site – because I also saw that we have an enormous amount of work to do,” Governor Inslee said. “I am hopeful that today’s announcement represents the beginning of a sustained commitment to adequately funding Hanford cleanup in the years to come.”