Fiancee’s love of fruit leads to lottery win

Fiancee’s love of fruit leads to lottery win
North Carolina Education Lottery
Lane Pulley and his fiancee, Michell, celebrate their winnings from the North Carolina Cash 5 jackpot.

A Georgia man is crediting his fiancee’s cravings for winning half of a jackpot in a North Carolina lottery game.

Lane Pulley said he was in his hometown of Spring Hope visiting his mother when he said good fortune found him.

“I went to pick up my fiancee on the way to see my mother,” Pulley said. “She wanted a watermelon, so we stopped by the Food Lion and I ended up buying some lottery tickets.”

Pulley bought a $1 ticket for North Carolina’s Cash 5 jackpot which was worth $223,804. He and his fiancee, Michell, remembered to check the ticket on Saturday.

“I started looking at the numbers and then at the ticket and I couldn’t believe it,” Pulley said. “I had Michell check it just to make sure. She goes, ‘I think you won!'”

Pulley claimed his prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. He shared the jackpot with another man, but his half came to $111,902. After taxes, he took home $78,896.

The couple plans on paying bills and going on a trip to celebrate Pulley’s 60th birthday.

“It’s funny,” Michell said. “They didn’t even have a watermelon. Go figure!”