Fifth cat found mutilated in Kennewick, police say


KENNEWICK, Wash. — Police say a fifth cat was found mutilated in Kennewick Tuesday morning in an apparent string of cat killings.

The cat was found cut in half in the 900 block of N. Kellogg St., according to Lt. Aaron Clem.

Four other cats have been killing in a similar manner in the past couple weeks.

The first was found decapitated cat on its owners property near the Kennewick Costco. The next was found cut in half near 37th and Vancouver, according to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

Then on Sunday, the shelter said two more cats were found cut in half in Kennewick — one near 17th and Kellogg and another on Parkhill Drive.

Clem said the killings are believed to be related.

Police are asking the public for help identifying the person responsible. Anyone with surveillance cameras who lives near the places where the cats were found dead is asked to check them for suspicious activity.

If you have information to provide about these killings, contact nonemergency dispatch at 509-628-0333.

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