Finley burglar entered unlocked home while residents weren’t home

Image via Benton County Sheriff's Office, FB

FINLEY, Wash. — Even if you think your neighborhood is safe enough to leave your door unlocked while no one is home, it’s still a good idea to lock it anyway. That was the experience of a Finley homeowner who returned to the house and found that a burglary was committed while they were away.

According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a home in the Finley area following reports from the concerned homeowner who found they’d been victim to a burglary. BCSO officials described it as a “cold burglary,” meaning that it already took place as opposed to a burglary in progress.

Upon speaking with the victim and investigating at the scene of the crime, Benton County officials learned that the burglar was able to enter the home through the front door because it was left unlocked and vacant.

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In response to this incident, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office offered the following word of advice to Finley residents and the entire community regarding burglaries:

We would like to encourage residents to please consider making sure you secure your residence when leaving it unattended. Doing so will help make your home less of an “easier target” for the criminal element.

As always, folks. Be safe.

They did not name any suspects, and it’s unclear whether they have identified anyone who might’ve committed this burglary via these preliminary stages of their investigation.


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