Fire Burns Quickly Through Pendleton Three-Plex

Fire Burns Quickly Through Pendleton Three-Plex

A residential fire starts last night in a three-plex in Pendleton while all of the tenants are home.

Luckily everyone was able to make it out of the residence.

The Pendleton Fire Department received the 911 call about the fire at 7:19 last night.

Pendleton Fire Chief Gary Woodson said it started in the back unit of the three-plex.

He said they know it started from a drape that caught on fire but firefighters aren’t sure if that was caused by a candle near the drape or a space heater under it.

Chief Woodson said the fire moved through the house quickly because the residents first opened the back door to escape.

After seeing that the deck was too tall they ran back trough the living room going out the front door, leaving booth doors open creating a draft.

Tenant Michelle Rogers said the fire started about ten minutes after she got home from work.

“Dannie the one that lives behind us she came running out screaming and I didn’t know what was going on. They started banging on the doors I opened the door they told me there was a fire. I grabbed my cat and my purse and my computer and ran outside. By the time I got out turned and looked it was completely engulfed in flames,” said Rogers.

Rogers lives in the front unit of the three- plex.

The fire was mostly containted to the unit where it started but the other units have smoke and water damage.