Fired-up Inslee addresses Phase-2 snafu, defends COVID response

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Governor Jay Inslee on Tuesday responded to a reporter’s question regarding whether the South-Central-is-stuck-in-Phase-1-no-wait-the-region-can-move-to-Phase-2 announcements on Thursday and Sunday were indicative of a flaw in the reopening system:

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“All of Washington state moved to Phase 2 on the same day. And we succeeded in that forward step. We’re very pleased by that. I think actually the system worked because the whole state moved forward on the same day, which was Valentine’s Day. There was a brief interlude where one hospital out of — I don’t know how many hospitals exactly; we have quite a few — that made an error and that was fixed. The system worked. It worked because people went back and looked at the data and I’m pleased with that work. So, no, I don’t believe that’s some systemic flaw. It’s working and people’s lives are being saved. I want to reiterate this because I really don’t think this story is told enough. What we’re doing in Washington has had huge success. If you compare us to another state … let’s take Arizona. They have a similar population. They’ve had 10,000 more deaths than we have. Ten-thousand people died in part because they have not followed what we’ve done in the state of Washington. Our economy is doing relatively well compared to other states. We’re moving back through these phases. We’re getting a vaccine rolled out, we’re 12th in the nation — I want to repeat that: we are 12th in the nation in the percentage of vaccine that has been administrated — a story that has yet to be told. These things are working and I think we ought to be pleased about that. We’re returning to in-school instruction across the state of Washington. There’s a lot of good news in this state.”

-Washington Governor Jay Inslee

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