Firefighters rescue dogs from Kennewick house fire, contain flames to garage

Yakima Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Firefighting crews from Kennewick and Richland rushed to a home on the 8300-block of W Bruneau Pl on Saturday afternoon and rescued two dogs that were trapped inside.

According to officials at the Kennewick Fire Department, the flames were reported to be stemming from this home’s garage at 2:47 p.m. on Sept. 24. Within six minutes, Richland fire engine No. 1712 arrived and got to work assessing the scene.

They noticed that smoke and flames were stemming from the garage, as reported in the initial call. Without hesitation, they activated their hoses and began to combat the spread of flames from the outside of this home.

Kennewick firefighters responded shortly after and forced their way through the garage door to the source of the fire. With smoke detectors blaring, they confirmed that the family had evacuated from their home safely. However, two dogs were still trapped inside the living room.

Firefighters searched through the home, which wasn’t yet damaged, and recovered the two dogs. They were returned to their family safe and sound.

Within roughly 15 minutes, the fire was fully contained in the garage, beginning to slow the spread of smoke and flames into the rest of the residence. It’s unclear what caused the fire, but ultimately, the fire damage was contained to the garage.

Some smoke damage impacted the rest of the home, so they won’t be able to return to their house until some repairs are completed to prevent them from suffering illnesses related to living in a home that was inhabited by heavy smoke.

The family reacted to the fire alarms and the parents sprung into action that night, ensuring that their children were safely removed while firefighters rushed to the scene.


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