Fireworks for a cause: get free delivery or curbside pickup in Tri-Cities

Oxford House Inc. fundraising through a fireworks stand in Pasco

Tri-Citians have already started Fourth of July celebrations with the sound of firecrackers and bright sky explosions accompanying each night this week.

Kids are out of school, some are still working from home and summer officially started June 20.

The Fourth of July marks a time to spend with family and friends, but due to the pandemic, that isn’t happening the same way this year. Fireworks shows across the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas have been cancelled and any festival or party that goes along with the shows.  But there are still options to have fun this holiday: purchase your own fireworks for a good cause.

Oxford House Inc has a fireworks stand located in the Pasco Walmart parking lot off of Road 68. It’s a white tent with brightly colored flags around it and every firework you want located inside. From sparklers to smoke bombs, to variety packs with all the works, it’s all there. Due to the pandemic though, the organizers realize some people can’t get out of their homes or are concerned about potential COVID-19 spread. They are offering curbside pick-up and free firework deliveries around the Tri-Cities for the people that want to limit contact with others.

“Just to try and keep people safe with this whole COVID thing,” said coordinator Jason Bliss with Oxford House Inc, “People have been doing real well when they come to the fireworks, stand in wearing, wearing masks and doing the social distancing stuff. But at the same time, we realized that there’s a population out there that still would like to enjoy the 4th of July and might not be able to get out of their home to do so.”

Customers can order online here and leave an additional donation for the non-profit. Oxford House Inc offers assistance to people recovering from addictions. They own 30 sober living homes in the Tri-Cities available to men, women and families. Most funding for the organization comes from donors but because of the pandemic, those entities are also struggling financially.

“We ran into struggles, like a lot of like a lot of the community has. A lot of the houses are struggling. Some of the individuals in the houses got laid off from work or are struggling to find jobs,” Bliss said.

This is the third year Oxford House Inc has sold fireworks. Bliss hopes this year is better than the last two because people are at home and have to enjoy fireworks on their own. He said the first day of sales were great, but they have seen a dip since.

All of the profits will go toward the non-profit and the people they help. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm every day of the week. To place an order or contact the organization, click here.