First Alert Weather: Very wet Thursday night into Tuesday -Briana

The weather will start to feel more like fall as rain moves in, bringing showers to the Tri-Cities and Yakima Valley as early as Wednesday.

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It is cloudy and cool, technically a little bit warmer than Tuesday, but it feels cold out there with the moisture in the air. It’s a little bit more humid and at times showers are falling as well.

We’ll see mostly cloudy conditions Wednesday, more fall-like for your Wednesday afternoon and actually a little bit warmer than normal Thursday; breezy with a few straight evening showers, and then we’ll be drying out for your Thursday ahead of a cool-down and more wet weather on the way. In fact, a lot more Friday through Saturday and Sunday.

It’s still technically a wildfire season, and we’re seeing the exceptional drought conditions really sticking here with the lack of rainfall lately, our average rainfall by this time of year in the Tri-Cities is five inches, which is not a whole lot, but enough to keep us out of the drought conditions. We’re seeing about two inches so far. That’s not enough. We’re going to get more Wednesday and enough to get us back to normal by the weekend as heavy rain comes in from the southwest, spreading to the north.

Thursday we’ll see beautiful sunny skies, maybe enough clearing for the morning hours to see full moon known as the Hunter’s Moon. Then the clouds roll back in. By the overnight period Thursday, it looks like widespread rain, and we could see some storm damage potential on the west side of Washington and Oregon due to high winds and thunderstorms.

We’ll see high temperatures in the upper 60s across Dayton, Walla, Walla, and Pendleton Friday through Tuesday. That will be a very wet time period. We’re seeing cool fall weather take over, low 60s in the Tri-Cities with that rain likely Saturday and Sunday, a heavy rain. We’ll see showers in Yakima on Friday as well before the heavy rain and cooler temperatures Saturday and Sunday.


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