First glider tow-plane lands in Walla Walla

tow-plane lands in Walla Walla
First glider tow-plane lands in Walla Walla

It’s time to soar over the Walla Walla valley.

The first glider tow-plane has made its way to Walla Walla and will soon be available to everyone, including you.

One of the Walla Walla Soaring company owners, Susan Chlarson, says everyone is excited and the company is anticipating a spike in Walla Walla tourism with this new sky-high activity addition.

“We hope to parallel and incorporate guest that come to Walla Walla for wine tourism into our glider tourism, there’s nothing like seeing the vineyards from the air,” Walla Walla Soaring company owner, Susan Chlarson said.

Chlarson says the Walla Walla valley has the perfect winds for gliders to comfortably soar through the air.

Starting next week, rides will start at $200 dollars per person.

To book a flight visit Walla Walla Soaring’s Facebook page.