First indoor marketplace is coming soon to Pasco

PASCO, Wash — The first-ever indoor marketplace in the Tri-Cities is finally underway after nearly two years of planning.

Local business JMS Construction and Development and the Port of Pasco teamed up to create the giant walking community they’ve named Osprey Pointe.

The 76,000 sq. ft. marketplace is the first phase of a long-term, seven-year project that they hope will bring “what’s been missing” to the area.

“I think the need is that we have a lot of small businesses that don’t have a home,” said James Sexton, owner of JMS Construction. “We only have one chance so we’re taking our time to do it right.”

The marketplace will host around 120 local vendors to “give that small business that starter spot.”

“The overhead isn’t as much as to have a real brick-and-mortar and there’s already traffic coming here so you’ll have that and it gives you that leg up to go to that next step,” Sexton said.

Sexton noted that the marketplace will add between 600 and 700 full-time jobs and part-time jobs which will help aid unemployment.

“It’s going to help the Tri-Cities and that makes me feel great,” Sexton said. “What more can a person ask for, knowing that you’re helping people that need it?”

Sexton said the company is “excited and overwhelmed” with the amount of interest they’ve received over the past couple weeks.

“We’re answering probably 75 to 80 emails a day,” Sexton said. “Somewhere around 22,000 people have shown interest online.”

The marketplace is tentatively set to open next spring but in the future, officials are planning to add apartments, housing complexes, retail spaces, an outdoor amphitheater and more.

JMS Construction is holding a public Zoom meeting for interested vendors on April 8th.

If you want more information you can contact JMS via phone at 509-300-1150, email or visit their Facebook page.