First U.S. Asian giant hornet nest reportedly found in east Blaine

Murder Hornet

BLAINE, Wash. — Scientists have located the first Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S., according to a Washington State Department of Agriculture spokesperson and The Northern Light, a community newspaper that serves Blaine and Birch Bay.

The newspaper cited a WSDA spokesperson that said the nest was found in east Blaine Thursday evening on the edge of a resident’s property. WSDA officials found two live hornets in an east Blaine WSDA trap on Wednesday, and they were kept alive to be tracked the following day. The first hornet wouldn’t fly, but entomologists followed the second hornet for about two hours until it led them to the nest.

According to the WSDA, the next step for the scientists is to figure out how to get rid of the nest.

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Researchers have been working to find these nests before the hornet enters its ‘slaughter phase,’ where they are known for destroying entire honeybee colonies.

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